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Edmond, Ok

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I started working for my dad as a trash hauler after school when I was 16.  I always knew I would be a home builder.  I graduated from Oklahoma State University  in 1980.  I am a business major but took all my electives in construction technology.  I took residential plan drawing, structural framing, concrete classes and building materials classes. 

I built and sold twelve homes my first year out of college when I was 22 years old.  I have now built over 600 homes and specialize in custom home design and building.  I like to draw my own house plans with my customers. 

I am best known for energy efficiency and low utility bills.  People move in to their new homes and I get copies of their utility bills in the mail with thank you notes.

It's fun to build all different types and styles of homes. I just finished an Italian style house for a lady that came to the US from Italy when she was 19. She brought photos of her aunts and grandmothers country homes outside of Florence and we created her house using those homes as inspiration.  I built a castle house with turrets and gargoyles, Rocky Mountain lodges, and have designed houses with two story courtyards in the center like the homes my customers' grew up in, in India.  I built a New Orleans inspired Home for a customer from New Orleans. I built a walk out basement which held a 35' luxury motor home plus boat which also included dumb waiters going from the kitchen upstairs to the motor home below.  How about a motorized fully decorated Christmas tree that lowers by cable out of an air tight secret storage closet above the living room ceiling? That's called quick decorating, and it was really fun to build!

Designing and building houses is fun. I like drawing floor plans like some people are addicted to crossword puzzles.  

Bring me your thoughts and ideas and let's work together